Trendyol Soltas Impressas camiseta de Malha T-Shirt TWOSS21TS1176

Etiquetas: vestido de viscose, vadim zara, vestido branco, vestido de paetês, za, curto, kimono de pijama, vestido midi, camisa de t, pijama.

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Starodubceva Kris
Футболка как на фото продавца. Ткань хлопок, соответственно мнется. Фасон как я люблю) широкая и короткая) В плечах великовата, но ничего страшного.
My football came! When I unfolded, first was disappointed, because. The left shelf (where embroidery) was 3 cm smaller than the right, the strap under the collar was not in the center, and it was seen not by an armed eye. I wanted to open a dispute on the return of funds, but tried to stretch the embroidery in different directions, and everything became in place! The bar became in the center, and there was no chunk. (Maybe this will help someone) embroidery at the same time did not hurt. The size of the free cut, you look like a seller's model.

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